A Tasting

(6 wines, available Fri-Sun)

Approximately an hour, and best for those who are attempting to fit in multiple wineries in your day. This is a succinct tasting of wines from Evesham Wood and Haden Fig. You will taste a range of wines that we think most clearly represent the styles of both EW and HF and the diversity of our estate and negociant vineyards. $25 per guest, and is complimentary with purchase of 3 bottles.

Best wine tasting experiences in the Willamette Valley, Evesham Wood

A Private Tour

(8+ wines, available Wed-Sun)

Approximately 2 hours, for those who have the curiosity and time to settle into their exploration. This private tasting appointment includes a tour of our vineyard, winery, and caves and introduces wines that allow for clear comparisons of technique and place. Themes do shift according to release schedule and our conversation and aim to show contrasting soils, clonal diversity, vineyard orientation, and fermentation style. $40 per guest.


A Picnic

(Available Fri-Sun)

2 hours, for those who would like to enjoy a rustic picnic in the shade of one of our ancient oak trees at Le Puits Sec vineyard or on our old, sheltered crush pad. We have returned to our ‘before-times’ picnic format! It is basically what we would want for ourselves and friends if we were luxuriating under the tree: 125 grams of fine cheeses and 75 grams of charcuterie along with all of the proper accompaniments (e.g. olives, apples, mustard, and baguettes) per person. Because of the distance from the tasting cabin, tastings and private tours should be scheduled to precede or follow your picnic. Reservations are available here or please email if you should have any questions. $40 per guest, maximum of 8 guests.