Sojeau Vineyard

Sojeau Vineyard was planted in 2007 with a diverse set of pinot noir and chardonnay clones. Denny Peseau had owned and farmed the esteemed Eola Springs vineyard just down the hill with his partner Jim Thomas. Recognizing that Jim was approaching retirement, Denny and Thelma Peseau purchased the parcel of land just up the hill and set to work planting. When Jim finally made the choice, they sold Eola Springs and Denny turned his full attention to Sojeau (Sojourner at the time). We followed him up the hill and continued buying fruit from him and bottled our first Sojourner Vineyard pinot noir in 2015.

The 18 acre site faces due west into the Van Duzer Corridor and experiences all of the late afternoon sun and winds that are available resulting in a tactile tannin profile and abundant acids.