Evesham Wood 2019 Pinot Noir Mahonia Vineyard

2019 Evesham Wood
Pinot Noir Mahonia Vineyard


Vintage 2019 offers some great news: We have examples of 2019 Pinot Noir’s from all our stellar vineyards and they are impressive.  A beautiful balance was achieved leaning towards cooler vintage drinking wines with bright acidity, focus and elegance, but with some core ripe fruit mixed in.  It’s no secret I prefer wines from cooler growing seasons, but the one downside to those wines is that they often need a few months to a year for the mid-palate to plump up and gain some wait.  Not the 2019’s.  Beautiful elegance combines with an instantly gratifying mid-palate.  I think these may be very long-term aging wines as well.

2019 was a devastating year for Mahonia Vineyard.  A mite issue left us with essentially no Pinot Noir.  The good news is we got that under control in 2020, took over the farming and are now farming the vineyard organically.  The other good news is we were able to scrounge a small fermenters worth of Pinot Noir, which at the time I thought was destined for the Willamette Valley blend.  But tasting that barrel as we got close to bottling showed it could not be buried in a blend and would need to be bottled separately.  More savory than most of the 2019 cru bottlings with an earthy nose with great texture and lengthy finish.

25 cases produced.

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