2018 Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Le Puits Sec

2018 Evesham Wood
Pinot Noir Le Puits Sec


2018’s growing-degree day total of close to 2300 misleads our expectation of the wines and highlights the difficulties of using it to describe this year from that. (For comparison the 2016 and 2017 vintages were 15% warmer than the 30y average and just below 2600.) The last vintage that was in this range was 2012. The wines are richly hued and densely packed with tannin and concentration. If it weren’t for the wines’ brimming acid you’d definitely expect them to be from a very warm vintage.

What a powerful, yet elegant, wine our estate vineyard gave us in 2018. Intermingling notes of earth and flowers move to an explosive mid-palate of red fruits and plum followed by an elegant, bright, lifted finish.

certified organically grown

525 cases produced